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5 Gadgets You Need for Your Next Trip!

Traveling is a beloved hobby of many people who are adventurers at heart. While the destination is always the main goal, the experience of the trip itself is a large portion of the overall experience. To ensure that a pleasant travel experience is enjoyed by all, be sure to bring these five gadgets with you […]

Kevin richardson garrison spring break

Last Minute Spring Break Locations

  With February quickly coming to an end, spring is right around the corner! One of the ways that many families choose to kick off the season is by planning a spring break getaway. Schools around the country let their students off for up to a week during this mini vacation. With the peak of […]


3 Unique Places to Visit This Summer

The sun is shining, people are outside, and the water starts to warm up. It is finally summer! During this time of year, many people chose to explore new destinations. There are some go-to places such as local beaches, that many choose as their vacation spot. Our world has so many beautiful places. If you […]

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