2017 was the year that many wanted to get out of their hometown and explore the world. This year, we can probably expect that trend to continue. With travel becoming a more popular industry, there are thousands of people who are giving up their day jobs, just to get out there and see what our world has to offer. Last year, areas of the world such as Iceland and Asia become more sought out than ever before for tourist. These destinations are likely to continue growing in popularity but there are many newly emerging travel trends that we can expect to make a big impact on the world of tourism this year.
Wellness Focuses Trips

The desire to sit on the beach and indulge at the all-you-can-eat/drink bars and buffets might lack in the coming years. Those who are health-conscious are looking to integrate their well-rounded lifestyle into their vacations. Travel companies have begun introducing new offers for travelers who want to remain on track with their health goals while away from home. The continuously growing trend in healthy living has impacted many industries and travel will definitely be one of them.
Solo Travel

More than ever before, people Googled “travel alone” or “solo travel” this year. Many travel agencies are including packages that specifically cater to those who chose to adventure out into the world on their own. In the past 5 years, the rate of people going on trips along increased by 40%. There is no sign of this statistic slowing down this year.
This blog was originally posted on Kevin Richardson Garrison’s Quora Blog.