With February quickly coming to an end, spring is right around the corner! One of the ways that many families choose to kick off the season is by planning a spring break getaway. Schools around the country let their students off for up to a week during this mini vacation. With the peak of spring break season starting in March, thousands of trips have already been planned out. If you’re a little behind this year, here are a few ideas to get that quick trip in before the flowers start blooming!


Southern U.S.

Most college students flock to the infamous parts of Florida for the authentic college spring break experience. In order to avoid the crowds, there are plenty of other locations in the south to get your warm weather fix. For families, a great city to consider visiting is Savannah, Georgia. With beaches, history, shopping, and great food, there is something for everyone! The weather is typically in the high 60s to low 70s during this time of year so not too warm. If you do want to venture to Florida to embrace the heat, consider smaller towns with less tourism. If you are looking to get away and relax, consider St. Augustine, one of the oldest known U.S. cities. With museums and miles of beaches, you’ll likely not find too many crazy college kids here.


West Coast

Booking last-minute trips often pose challenges for travelers. Major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix are all popular destinations year-round. If you want to venture to the west coast for your spring vacation, consider a unique location to avoid trouble booking. Places like Tucson, Arizona and Portland, Oregon are not as common to visit during the month of March. If you aren’t interested in being in a bustling environment, these two cities are ideal. Both have plenty of exciting activities to partake in and sights to see.


Mid West

If you live in a warmer climate, you may want to escape the heat for some cool breezes and late-winter snow. The Midwest of the United States has dozens of locations that will probably be more vacant over the peak spring break. Chicago, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis are major metropolitan areas that won’t leave any of their visitors bored. Although it still might be too cold for outdoor activities, the amount of culture in this region of the country is plentiful.