Living in one of Texas’ major cities has its ups and downs. The hype surrounding the big city feel is great, most of the time. But when it takes an hour just to get to the local food store, an escape from reality is much needed. Fortunately for those living in Dallas, there are countless opportunities, a short road trip away, that rids the overwhelming feeling of living in a metropolitan area. Check out some of these hidden gems, that would make for an exciting weekend getaway!


Hamilton Pool


A short three and a half hour drive from Dallas, is the natural beauty of Hamilton Pool. If you want to feel like you’ve traveled to a foreign land, while staying in Texas, this is the spot for you. Home to a crystal clear grotto with a 45 ft. waterfall, this location makes for a perfect day-trip. With only 75 spots for parking, make sure you’re willing to get up early or wait in line for a spot. Hamilton Pool is less than 25 miles from Austin, so a weekend trip to Texas’ other major city is feasible in the warm weather. This spot is perfect for a family outing of swimming and picnicking.


Little Rock, AR


If you’re looking to fully escape the Texas feel, Arkansas’ major city of Little Rock, is less than 5 hours away. While it is a major city, Little Rock is scattered with campgrounds and beautiful nature locations. For families, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls amusement park is right outside of the city and is a great place to visit during the summer. For outdoor enthusiasts, traveling to Pinnacle Mountain State Park can give you the fresh air feeling you’re missing in Dallas.


Enchanted Rock


If you’re looking for absolute peace and quiet, travel to Fredericksburg for a nature experience unlike any other. Enchanted Rock brings thousands of hikers, campers, and rock climbers every year. The giant pink granite dome was believed to be under the spell of a Spanish conquistador. While Fredericksburg doesn’t have much going on, it is a quaint town lined with antique stores and B&Bs. This destination is sure to