In this slow economy, taking an international vacation can sometimes seem more like a dream than an achievable goal. Luckily, for you, there are beautiful and exotic travel destinations available at your fingertips that will require a modest amount of savings. Below, you will find a handful of these affordable and stunning travel destinations.


  1. Thailand


An exotic world of modern technology mixed with an ancient culture awaits you at the end of your journey to Thailand. Thai street food is considered to be the best in the world, but it is also incredibly affordable in American currency. You can eat happily for less than $4 a day. In addition to the affordable cuisine, Thailand boasts a myriad of cheap or free tourist attractions such as markets, beaches, and Buddhist temples.


  1. Hungary


Hungary is a beautiful landlocked country nestled in the heart of Europe. It enjoys a unique cityscape that’s marked by majestic medieval churches and rolling green hills. Although rarely thought of as a popular tourist destination, it affords many cheap amenities to its visitors. Public train transportation is around $1, hotel stays can be as low as $20, and you will never be hungry in Hungary with the large meals you find in the local markets.


  1. Jamaica


Resting comfortably near the equator, Jamaica has no shortage of sunshine, cool waters, and exotic sights. Although Jamaica is a notoriously hot region, it contains beautiful and lush rainforests. As a popular tourist destination, it contains many resorts and hotels for competitive pricing. A new international airport was just constructed there, providing amazing deals on flights and hotel rooms for curious travelers. Don’t forget to try some of their famous jerked chicken while you’re there.


  1. Croatia


Croatia is a sun-touched country in Europe that contains crystal clear waters that roll in from the Adriatic Sea. Venture to Zadar during the right time of the day and you can hear the beautiful sea organ playing as the waves crash into a set of stairs. Lodging in Croatia is affordable if you don’t mind staying in hostels, but it’s hard to find English-speaking locals, so bring a translation book.


  1. Uganda


Ending this list is Uganda, a rare jewel that’s settled deep within the African continent. The capital of Uganda is Kampala which affords visitors a beautiful view of the only lake in Africa – Lake Victoria. Tourists can enjoy many exciting sights and activities including whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and museums dedicated to showcasing ancient African tribal culture.