Kevin Richardson Garrison is a dedicated entrepreneur and travel enthusiast.

Kevin Richardson Garrison has always had a passion for the places unknown. Throughout Kevin’s life, through each new place ventured, Kevin’s passion for traveling has grown immensely. For Kevin, there are a multitude of reasons behind his passion. Be it the varying cultures he’s fortunate enough to immerse himself in or the experiences he’s been able to share with family and friends, traveling has been nothing less than miraculous. For Kevin Richardson Garrison, there are few greater experiences than being able to appreciate the world with the people you love by your side.

Another part of Kevin’s fondness for travel is the history behind each new city. Whether he’s in a quaint village of South America or simply traveling the outskirts of America, there is always a rich story to be told from each new location. During those experiences, where Kevin Richardson Garrison is able to learn himself and then share that history with others, is what makes traveling so rewarding. Kevin eager to visit new places, and jumps at any opportunity to travel.

Throughout his life, Kevin has grown to appreciate not only lavish and relaxing vacations but adventurous and spontaneous ones as well. With every new journey, Kevin Richardson Garrison has found both excitement and something of value. His affection for travel was what inspired him to start a blog, so that he may document and share what he’s discovered along the way! Having traveled all over the world, Kevin recognizes how fortunate he has been.

Kevin Garrison understands that his passion for travel is one that is shared by many. With each new journey, Kevin’s appreciation for adventure only deepens. Like most travel bloggers, Kevin hopes to continue to experience all the world has to offer and plans to share that with his readers. Though life can get hectic, Kevin’s lust for traveling never waivers. Apart from his career, with construction company Twenty, Inc., Kevin makes traveling a top priority. Separating himself from his business is a fundamental part of his life. Taking the time to step away and fulfill a proper work-life balance has been of utmost importance to Kevin’s success. Follow Kevin Richardson Garrison throughout his journey!